Why work with Opulent Pixel?

We deliver and install fresh, fun, local photography to change up your space every 30 days! Or as an à la carte purchase if you prefer. Both options come with complimentary homemade cookies!

What makes Opulent Pixel so COOL and irresistible to work with?

  • Fun, fresh variety of photos to choose from.
  • You get fabulous new art on your wall every 30 days through our premium membership.
  • All our art is modular so you can customize your choices and configurations (2X2 grid, 3X2 grid, 4X1 horizontal, 1X4 vertical, or whatever you can dream up).
  • We’re adding new series to our photo collection all the time so you’ll always have new art to choose from.
  • Do you have a suggestion for a series you’d like to see? Let us know!
  • If you’d like an experienced artistic eye to help you select the perfect art for your space, we are happy to assist.
  • Do you like local? We do! Local printer and local photographer specializing in locally-shot iPhonography (yes, that really is the term!)
  • Would you like us to do an iPhone photo shoot of something for you? Let us know: iPhone photographer for hire!

To see the current collection of images we have to liven up your walls, please visit the photo gallery.

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