About Sheri

Sheri Hall

Sheri Capen Hall was born with a silver Apple in her mouth and has always been interested in art, technology and creative problem solving. She’s an enthusiastic owner of the first generation iPod, iPhone and iPad. Her professional life centers around two endeavors: Opulent Pixel (Dallas-themed iPhonography and event photography) and Soleil Design (print & web design, marketing & social media; she owns Soleil Design with her husband Tom).

Sheri was born in Dallas, lived in Southern California during her childhood years and returned to Dallas for high school, where she attended Greenhill School—and somehow became valedictorian of her class! What year? Let’s say the ’80s. She went on to The University of North Texas where she majored in Advertising Art (the retro term for what they now call Communication Design), minored in Marketing, and met her husband Tom; they were the only two Ad Art majors in the Honors Program.

Sheri enjoys looking at the world with an artistic eye and documenting it with her iPhone. She also loves her Canon Rebel, but let’s face it—that sucker is heavy! Sheri has shot over 25,000 photos on five iPhones since July, 2007 and is very fond of this sage advice: the best camera is the one you have with you!

To see the current collection of images we have to liven up your walls, please visit the photo gallery.

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